Setting up a business can be an incredibly daunting experience. And it can also be a chastening one – especially if things do not pan out as imagined and the often cut-throat world of commerce gets the better of it. Let’s make no bones about it, the chances of failure – especially in the formative years of any business – are fairly high, with it often stated that half of companies will close within their first five years.

Setting up a firm is a ‘risky business’ and there are all manner of reasons why, in 12 months’ time, that company no longer functions as a going concern. Even if the product or service seems a ‘sure thing’, in sectors such as technology and life sciences – the two areas where Deepbridge functions – things move incredibly quickly, and what once seemed cutting-edge, with the envelope being well and truly pushed, can in a very short space of time feel like yesterday’s news.

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