Gary Oldman wins best actor BAFTA and Oscar in Winston Churchill role in ‘Darkest Hour’. The world’s fascination with the Churchills continues and deepens. We’ve had the movie about Mr. Winston Churchill, making room for ‘Mrs. Churchill’s War’ a film about his equal partner, his wife, the amazing Clementine Churchill.

GrowthInvest presents a unique chance for qualified investors to help bring her story to the screen in a potentially high-grossing and prize-winning movie about the Churchills — “Mrs. Churchill’s War” — currently available to high-net worth and self-certified sophisticated investors only — via an investment in MCW Films Ltd.

MCW Films Ltd aims to complete the Development Round in the next few weeks. To take advantage of this moment in film history, MCW Films Ltd is offering a 15% discount to qualified investors whose funds clear by 31 March 2018. View the pre-production trailer here: password: Churchill; and the website here:

To view the investment proposal, click here and if you would like to speak to a member of the GrowthInvest team please call us on 020 7071 3945 or email



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