Downing Ventures has announced a £1.5 million follow-on investment into a leading global agritech company, Hummingbird Technologies. Hummingbird is an advanced crop analytics business that applies machine learning to remote sensing captured crop images to provide farmers with actionable insights and data so they can optimise inputs, protect and maximise yields.

Hummingbird can guide the decisions of farmers or supplement an agronomist’s toolkit through a sophisticated crop analytics platform. The technology ingests high resolution imagery captured by drones, aircraft, or satellites, and applies machine learning to ascertain a wide array of critical factors including crop yield predictions, growth rates, biomass, plant stress, weed accumulation, and crop population counts. Analysis is carried out at scale, with results distributed within 24 hours of image capture via an online user interface.

Richard Lewis, Investment Director at Downing Ventures comments: “The technology Hummingbird has developed will have significant social impact that can lead to more sustainable and efficient farming. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with the business.”

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