The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA), the membership organisation responsible for advising the government on the best conditions to encourage private investors to support growth businesses through the Seed and Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS and EIS), has written to the Chancellor with a seven point wish list ahead of the forthcoming budget.

Director General of the EISA, Mark Brownridge, emphasised the critical role the EIS tax incentives have played since the scheme was launched, raising over £22 billion for over 30,000 businesses, but highlighted the investment gap that still needs to be addressed. “Recent survey work indicates that over £6.5 billion of private sector equity investment is still needed by growing businesses, and the economic uncertainties caused both by Covid-19, and Brexit led to a further shortfall of over £350 million. As we exit the current pandemic it has never been more important for the Chancellor to incentivise private investment in the country’s fast growth businesses.

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