The latest Embark Investor Confidence Barometer – a twice-yearly survey of advisers, advised consumers and non-advised consumers – has revealed that the gap in confidence between advisers and investors for both retirement prospects and equity investments has grown since March 2022. The results reflect recent market volatility but also point strongly towards the benefits of advice.

In the previous Barometer, over a third (34%) of advisers surveyed were confident that the majority of their clients would meet their retirement goals- this has fallen to a quarter (25%). Between surveys, advised investors’ confidence in that they would meet their retirement plans fell from 78% to 72%. Clearly, advisers have become more pessimistic about their client’s retirement prospects at a much faster rate than their clients.

This is juxtaposed to equity investment confidence, with advisers significantly more bullish about equities than advised investors. In the previous Barometer, 57% of surveyed advisers expected a net rise in equities in 12 months from March 2022. This figure fell to 47% looking ahead over a ten-year period. However, in this most recent survey, advisers have become significantly more bullish; 62% of those surveyed expected a net rise over the next 12 months, with this figure rising to 67% over a ten-year time frame.

Investors, in contrast, are much less bullish. Whilst in the previous survey 61% of advised investors expected a rise in equities in the next 12 months, just 40% felt the same this time around. Non-advised investors are even more bearish, with just 30% expecting a rise, down from last time’s 48%.

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