Hardman & Co has introduced a new panel service which will help advisers cope with what it calls the “…the greatest financial planning opportunity of our generation…”

Having reviewed the entire non-AIM Business Relief market, the firm is now creating panels of products which are tailored to the needs of an adviser’s business, and range of client profiles. It will also review and update panels on a regular basis, so that advisers are always up-to-date in their recommendations.

Hardman can also host educational workshops and roadshows across the UK and carry out personalised seminars on specific requested topics.

Richard Angus, Head of Business Development, explained to GBI Magazine that the UK is facing the biggest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history. Over £1 trillion is forecast over the next decade, and £5.5 trillion over the next 30 years. He said that this presents advisers with an unprecedented opportunity, not just in amounts, but also because a great deal of wealth that is currently locked up in property will be released for wider investment.

Angus added: “It is essential that advisers feel confident when making recommendations to their clients about Inheritance Tax planning, and finding the most tax efficient way to pass assets to the next generation. The new panel service from Hardman & Co, with the depth of reviews and our deep market insight gives them that confidence.”

The firm has a long-established record for high quality investment research on public companies that stretches back over 20 years. It said that it is now applying this expertise to investments in the tax enhanced sector, enabling it to analyse underlying investments, corporate structures and fund managers.

Its team of analysts apply 20+ years of investment expertise in their relevant sectors which, it said, exclusively differentiates it in the analysis and review of the Business Relief market.

Full article available here.
Source: GBI Magazine



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