At the very early stages of a company, most founders reach out to a combination of friends, family and angel investors who are active in their ecosystems.

Competition is stiff for wealthy patrons, known as Angel Investors, offering ‘seed’ capital, with valuable insights as well as open cheque books, looking to invest on average between £10,000 to £100,000, often in companies with no revenues, who can be accessed online and via crowdfunding sites.

The Government’s Enterprise Initiative Scheme, EIS and Seed Enterprise Scheme (SEIS) makes funding worthwhile for early investors in a ‘risky’ enterprise, by providing them with valuable tax breaks.

Alongside friends and family, early stage investors can also be a good source of funding at this stage. They will require slightly more mature ideas, but there is no shame in approaching them with the caveat that your idea might be too early in its genesis for them.

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