In his important ‘mini-budget’ statement of 23rd September, Chancellor Kwarteng, amongst a host of other measures, confirmed his on-going support for the Enterprise Investment Scheme, Venture Capital Trusts and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme by extending the schemes beyond the 2025 ‘Sunset Clause’.

“We want this country to be an entrepreneurial share owning democracy. The Enterprise Investment Scheme and Venture Capital Trusts, we will extend beyond 2025. The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and Company Share Option Plans, we will increase the limits to make them more generous. Crucial steps on the road to making this a nation of entrepreneurs.” Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, 23rd September 2023

Industry experts have been sharing their views of todays’ news with GBI and IFA Magazine as follows:

The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA), through its present Director General Christiana Stewart Lockhart and its former Director Mark Brownridge, has campaigned for many years to ensure the future of such schemes.

Christiana Stewart Lockhart wrote this morning in a letter to EISA members,  that she was “ delighted that this morning the Chancellor has committed to extending the EIS beyond the 2025 sunset clause. This is fantastic news for the industry and shows this government’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs. I’d like to thank all EISA members for their contributions and input into this work”.

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