Krzana’s deep linguistic analysis has now been applied to Twitter, DailyMotion and YouTube, allowing journalists to source otherwise unseen user-generated video.

The news, pre-news and trending video industry is growing at a staggering rate, with both viewing numbers and advertising revenues climbing by 20% in 2017. Krzana, the AI-powered newsgathering engine, has been helping journalists to break news since October 2017, but until now has had no dedicated video capability. Nonetheless, journalists with access to Krzana have been trying to use the engine to source UGC video alongside images and breaking news content.

Today, Krzana is releasing a new capability to all its clients, allowing any Krzana user to source UGC video “at zero views”. Through integration with DailyMotion, YouTube and Twitter’s firehose of video streams, journalists used to the deep, tailored searches and alerts that Krzana provides can now access video content without changing their workflow. “There are plenty of tools available to source trending video,” CTO Toby Abel says, “but nobody has been offering journalists the ability to source pre-trending video, in the same way that Krzana uncovers pre-news. With video receiving ever-increasing focus across news and media companies globally, our users have been pushing us to provide this capability.

“Just as we’ve always done with text and images, our video search provides our users with content first because we don’t rely on spikes and trends to indicate importance. We rely on the domain knowledge of good journalists, supported by powerful AI, to source truly valuable content before anybody else sees it.” Journalists in newsrooms around the globe have been cobbling together ill-fitting tools, relying on periodically repeating manual keyword searches and sifting through repeated, junk video. Krzana’s new tool promises to solve this problem, using the same de-duplication technology that is used across its newsgathering platform. This is unprecedented in the sector, and will add serious firepower to Krzana’s growing presence in increasingly sophisticated newsrooms.

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