Investors in GrowthInvest Alumni, Mettrr Technologies, have recently realised a significant financial return through the company’s first secondary market share sale.

Mettrr Technologies, formerly known as, has developed a market-leading Artificial Intelligence software that builds DIFM (Do It For Me) websites for small business owners in a matter of seconds.  The company now operates globally, with partnerships in place with companies such as Crazy Domains – Australia’s largest domain provider.

Daniel Rodwell, Managing Director of GrowthInvest explains:

“We began working with Mettrr (then in 2013.  The company had recently proven concept after an initial crowdfunding round completed in 2012.  At the time we were very impressed with the business model and early metrics and most importantly Sebastian Lewis the founder.  Since then we have worked closely with the growing team in providing support and guidance, completing 4 further investment rounds at valuations that increased relative to the company’s progress.  As the company matured we were very pleased to make an introduction via our network, which facilitated a total of £1 million institutional investment in 2016.”

It is this institutional investment that has facilitated the exit opportunity for a small number of the earliest investors.  Investor returns ranged from 4 to 9 times initial investment.

“Therefore we are very pleased to see early investors in Mettrr Technologies get the opportunity to realise a very healthy return on their investments.  This is however, only the beginning and we expect to see further liquidity events for investors in the coming months.  The company has very clear and achievable targets to unlock further investment, alongside which there will be the ability to trade the shares within the GrowthInvest Platform through our forthcoming secondary market functionality.  We expect to see further share price appreciation as the company scales up in the coming months, this should enable all GrowthInvest investors to realise similarly amazing returns, regardless of their entry point.”

It is exactly this model that GrowthInvest will be replicating within its recently launched Managed Portfolio Service.  Via the existing platform, the investment committee can source high quality young businesses, then support them through the early growth stages.  The extensive network that the GrowthInvest platform enjoys then enables businesses to increase access to institutional investors, who can work with them further on their journey.  At this stage there will often be exit opportunities for investors.

‘We are committed to increasing liquidity within our investment portfolio whether this be through trade sale, IPO or private secondary market transactions.  Mettrr is a fantastic example of how investors can actually realise very healthy returns from companies that are still relatively early in their growth cycle.’

Sebastian Lewis, founder of Mettrr Technologies, said:

“We continue to be very excited about our business and what the future holds.  We are very thankful to the GrowthInvest team for the support and investment they have provided over recent years. I’m delighted to have given some investors the option of a healthy return on their investment but I’m also pleased that many of the investors want to stay with us for the next part of our journey to global expansion; I look forward to providing further liquidity events in the future.”



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