New Entrants to the EIS Fund market are the lifeblood of the industry and the economy, yet too often they are dismissed out of hand by advisers, just because they are new. Yet the founders may have an outstanding pedigree and track record.

It is to change perceptions that Hardman & Co and GBI magazine teamed up to put on the New Entrants Showcase, that introduced 4 outstanding companies to the adviser world. In very case the investment pedigree stretched back for 7-10 years, or more. All are now bringing an EIS fund to market for the first time.

EOS Advisory have been making sustainable impact investments for 7 years from their home in St. Andrews. They have very strong links with the Scottish Universities, and the results are now showing.

24 Haymarket has an outstanding reputation as an Angel Investment Syndicate and are now harnessing the power of their network in a fund.

VGC Partners are now launching an EIS Fund to complement their SEIS Fund and larger growth fund. With Epic Games in their stable, their success speaks for itself.

Haatch Ventures are not really ne. They launched their EIS fund 3 years ago and were invited on to the Showcase to show what a new fund can achieve – they now have invested in more than 40 companies, the portfolio is valued in excess of £400m, and they are targeting a 10x return for investors.

If you haven’t yet seen the Showcase you can see it here:




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