Moonfare, a global digital private equity platform, increased its assets under management by almost 90% in the year to end September 2022 to €2.18 billion, as individual investors flocked to the asset class amid turbulent public markets.

The number of Moonfare investors grew 63% to 3,272, while the community of registered users more than doubled (141%) to over 46,000. The number of individual investments increased by 70% to 8,462.

To meet this exceptional growth in demand, Moonfare increased the funds offered on its platform from 40 to 69 (up 73%).

Founder and CEO Steffen Pauls said the increase marks a turning point, as individual investors take refuge in private markets.

Research shows the value of adding private equity to a balanced portfolio. In particular, it demonstrates that recession-era vintages have historically been among the best performing: the 2001 vintage was one of the best performing of the last 20 years, and the 2008-9 vintages performed better than those that came before the financial crisis.

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